Gator-Tail has become a leader in the mud motor industry over the past few years. Well, now they are using their expert engineering ability and attention to detail to manufacture one of the best mud boats available. The GTB (Gator-Tail Boat) design is made specifically to perform with the GTR surface drive outboards. These boats are made to get every ounce of performance from the Gator-Tail outboards and withstand the constant abuse a mud boat receives. With 2 x 2 longitudinal bracing, a smooth bottom and the unique Gator-Tail "Cut Back" transom design these boats handle and perform exceptionally well, both forward and in reverse! Visit for more information.

Gator Tail Boats

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Standard Features:

All welded construction from 0.125, 5086 aluminum alloy.
Longitudinal 2 x 2 inch bracing.
4 foot fishing deck.
Trolling motor bracket.
Smooth and level floor.
Paint & Non-skid paint surface on floor and bow deck.
Rear driver seat and storage compartment.
Gator-Tail's unique "cut back" transom design for enhanced reverse performance.
Rake design for top performance with Gator-Tail Outboards.
21 inch transom design.
Front deck pedestal mount.
Under deck storage.
Weeping deck.
Commercial rating.

Common Options:

Navigation lighting.
Interior lighting.
Bilge pump with through hull fitting.
24 inch side height.
Camo paint
Additional storage boxes.
Bench seat with storage.
Bow fishing package.

There are many more available features and options. Call or e-mail us at for more details regarding these wonderful boats.


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